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B2B Technologies - Customer Case Study
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Statewide Repository

‚ÄčCustomer: Georgia Department of Education
Industry: Government


  • Creating a system that was easy for any teacher or administrator to navigate

  • Keeping information accurate and current 

  • Providing a simple way for administrative personnel to maintain content without assistance from the IT staff

  • Making the information secure to the specific needs of various levels of users

  • Employing a technology platform that was widely used and supported


One of the most frustrating periods anyone can encounter is trying to locate reference materials important to your job and not being able to find them. In the field of K12 education, particularly at the state level, having quick access to such data can ensure that teachers and administrators follow the proper course of instruction and meet the mandated state and federal requirements. Replacing a system that had not been easy to use with one that could warehouse documentation and other content with easy access was the primary goal of the Georgia State Department of Education.

B2B Technologies worked with the Department of Education to develop a site that met every goal set forth by the State. The site was re-designed to focus on its major user population -- teachers, parents and administrators. B2B was selected because of their extensive work with K12 school systems as well as having the experience in these types of applications including Web site architecture, usability and maintainability. These factors ensured a technology solution that not only kept pace with the needs of the Georgia DOE, but eased the users into a new web-based system with little need for training and support.