Portal for Teachers and Extranet for Students and Parents
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Portal for Teachers and Extranet for Students and Parents

​Customer: Gaston County Schools
Industry: Education - K12


Do you want your school, university, or college internet presence to engage your audience, provide easy-to-find information for your students, parents and community? Also, what about information for your employees? B2B worked with Gaston County Schools to provide a new internet presence that not only had the “wow” factor from a design standpoint, but was organized around the audiences they worked to serve: Students, Parents, Community and Employees.  

New School web sites were also launched. The common look and feel facilitated information across all school sites by housing information in similar templates with standard menu structures. Parents with children in more than one school (middle school and high school as an example) could more readily negotiate new sites if they were already familiar with another Gaston School website. Yet each school could still make their site uniquely branded by selecting logos, pictures, school colors, etc. In addition, they had the option to select pre-determined functional settings for common items like calendars.

All teachers had class sites providing the following information: 

  • About the Teacher

  • Class News and Events

  • Class Curriculum and Assignments

  • Class Resources

Gaston’s new internal portal had the option for employees to customize their content. They can now go to one site for all of the information they need. It is the same site where they can access their email and even documents not only in SharePoint, but in their “home” directory. All of this is done through the web without any VPN access needed.

It’s an entirely new “web world” home for Gaston County Schools and everyone is excited by the new great looking, informative and easy to use web presence.