On-going Support Keeps Application Growing and Fresh
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On-going Support Keeps Application Growing and Fresh

Customer: Major Flooring Manufacturer
Industry: Manufacturing


Outsourced support on a part-time basis that supplements a client's own staff is both an inexpensive way to maintain an existing application and affords a company deep expertise used "surgically" to perform very specific functions. For a major manufacturer of flooring, B2B consultants were contracted to keep a business-to-business web portal as fresh as the day it was born over two years ago.

Each year, the introduction of new products, re-alignment of marketing channels, and new functions to support different communication needs makes changes necessary to the portal application. In addition, as usual with most platform technologies, upgrades need implementation and testing, and new functions need to be evaluated as to the impact on the company. In addition, with a general downturn in the construction industry, this manufacturer was very cognizant of keeping costs as low as possible while still meeting the needs of their clients.

Familiarity with the application saved substantial monies when changes were necessary to the underlying technology platform and added functionality required by various divisions within the company. B2B consultants were contracted on an "as required" basis -- a much less expensive approach than having full-time personnel to do the tasks.  Many of these tasks were only a few days in length, but required a very high depth of experience.