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B2B Technologies - Customer Case Study
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Morgan - Sales Internet

Customer: Morgan Corporation
Industry: Manufacturing


  • Develop an eCommerce solution to be used by internal and external sales as well as customers

  • Simplify the complex build-to-order and configure-to-order quotes process

Keys to Success:

  • Easily accessible to customers through a Web browser

  • External sales representatives, internal sales professionals and customers all access the same pricing and configuration information

  • Eliminated the need to install and upgrade software.


Morgan Corporation, a 50-year-old truck body manufacturer, works on a configuration-to-order basis to deliver customized vehicles to its customers.  Every remote sales representative uses PC-based software to handle the company's complicated configuration and quote process, and every internal phone representative depends on the same sophisticated software. Periodic upgrades to these installed systems make keeping the various versions in synch a tricky, time-consuming process. To eliminate this tedious coordination, Morgan wanted to deploy a single eCommerce system for all of its internal and external sales representatives and for its direct-to-consumer channel as well.

B2B Technologies, working with (now Primus), designed and deployed a rich eCommerce system that included's Personal Selling Solution. The comprehensive system enables extremely complex quote and configuration management capabilities and accommodates customer-specific contract pricing and multiple bill-to and ship-to addresses. Accessed by customers through a Web browser, the new sales extranet eliminated the need to install any additional software.  For Morgan, the new sales extranet was a win for those involved in the sales process.


  • Increased customer satisfaction due to their greater access to self-service pricing and configuration features

  • Internal and external sales people use the same system as customers

  • Saves IT department significant time and money by eliminating updates and duplication of efforts

  • No software installation or updating is required, only access to a browser

  • Configured product pricing is now faster and more accurate

  • Shortened sales cycle and improved production scheduling

  • Increased level of collaboration between outside and inside sales people and customers

"It sounds too good to be true, but I’ve been extremely impressed with B2B. I’d recommend them for any project."

- Fred White, VP Internet Projects, ​