Managing Content - a Portal for Marketing
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B2B Technologies - Customer Case Study
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Managing Content - a Portal for Marketing

​Customer: Mohawk Industries
Industry: Manufacturing


  • Providing easily accessible information to clients around the world

  • Creating an Internet Portal to store and deliver any kind of marketing content

  • Supporting information demands from both consumers and distributors for current and accurate data

  • Going from design to deployment of a Commercial Portal in less than 4 months

Keys to Success:

  • Selection of Microsoft SharePoint as a product that can grow to suit Mohawk’s needs

  • Working as one team including Marketing, I.S. and B2B

  • Engaging a company like B2B Technologies that understands not only the technology issues, but business needs as well

  • Setting achievable goals that can support the end users’ needs in a reasonable time- frame without promising unrealistic results

  • Understanding that a Portal is a dynamic system that will grow and change over time


Anxious to provide an easier method to maintain a global portal for their various sales and distribution channels, Mohawk Corporation began to evaluate their different options. Being the world’s largest producer of floor coverings, Mohawk was using various operating platforms including IBM and Microsoft to support their business needs.

There were several important considerations:

  • Developing a content repository for any type of media

  • Having a portal to satisfy both public-facing and client-facing needs

  • Establishing a technology platform that was current and substantive

  • Using systems that could be easily interfaced to other applications

  • Putting the maintenance of content in the hands of Mohawk marketing personnel

After an extensive evaluation, Mohawk decided that Microsoft SharePoint would be the ideal solution on which to build their application. Although at the time of their decision, the version of SharePoint they chose was still in beta release.

B2B Technologies, a Microsoft Gold Partner with a long history of developing commercial portals, had been testing the beta version since it was first made available for evaluation. “ We selected B2B Technologies as our solution partner for this reason as a result of our vendor evaluation and selection process" , said Drury Jenkins, Director of eCommerce Solutions with Mohawk Corporation. " One of the main reasons we selected SharePoint was the inherent features that allow site support by our Marketing Group, particularly content management. This allows IS to provide business self-service while relieving Information Services personnel from some of the day-to-day responsibilities. Luckily for us, one of our Marketing executives was already an advocate of SharePoint having seen its usefulness in another area of the organization."

Part of the challenge for any project is balancing the value of the deliverable against the resources and time available to get the job done. In Mohawk’s situation, there was pressure to have the new commercial portal up and running prior to their annual sales and marketing campaigns which traditionally begin in the fall of each year.

B2B Technologies, once selected for the engagement, had just over three months to create the portal that would support the fall shows. These marketing events would rely heavily on the new portal to expose the various sales and distribution channels to Mohawk’s new line of products. This meant that the new portal had to be fully functional so the marketing team could show not only videos of upcoming television commercials, but other marketing materials available to support sales. If they missed this opportunity, sales and related revenue could potentially decrease substantially in future months.

The first release of the new site went live in only 90 days and was made available to the sales and marketing personnel in late October – just in time! A few months later, the portal was migrated to SharePoint just as soon as Microsoft released the final production version of the software.

From videos of the latest consumer advertisements, product and installation guides, to photographs of current and future products, the current portal is a winner. Based on the success of this site, Mohawk continues to look for ways to create a more productive experience for all clients. Their goal is to remain one of the most respected organizations in the world and leverage best of breed technology to keep them in the number one position in their industry.


  • Dramatically shortening the time between the conception of a new marketing idea to its creation and integration into Mohawk’s commercial website

  • Creating a site that can be easily used by anyone in the marketing department thus unloading the burden from the Information Technology support group

  • Being able to stay ahead of the competition by quickly reacting to changing industry trends and being first to market with the introduction of new products