Health Care Services - Custom .NET Development
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Health Care Services - Custom .NET Development

​Customer: Georgia Partnership for Caring Foundation
Industry: Healthcare, Non-Profit


  • Increase the level of services without increasing staff

  • Implement a system providing both field and office personnel quicker entry of information

  • Move an applicant through the system more rapidly

  • Acquire an application that worked the way they needed it to work

Keys to Success:

  • Increase the number of people serviced without additional personnel at the GPCF office

  • Quickly transmit information about the referral directly to the volunteer service provider  

  • Implement an application that would specifically handle some of their unique needs without excess functional overhead

  • Speed up the process of getting help for the individuals by immediately starting the services referral process through the browser instead of waiting for a second visit to the office

  • Provide a system through which field workers could enter preliminary information before they returned to the main facility


The Georgia Partnership for Caring Foundation (GPCF) needed to expand their capacity to provide non-emergency health care services for an ever-increasing number of uninsured Georgians. Operating with limited funds, the organization matches volunteer medical service providers such as general physicians, specialists or clinics to those who fall below the federal poverty level. As the population increases, so too has the need for medical services; growing in almost a direct proportion.

After evaluating several alternatives, GPCF decided that no standard application would be able to accomplish the specific tasks that were unique to their organization and its operations. The decision was made to have a new system created to fit their needs.

B2B Technologies, a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, was selected to work with GPCF for the application development project. With over ten years of experience in implementing custom Internet and Intranet solutions, B2B was able to quickly grasp the needs of the organization and design a solution that would not break GPCF’s budget.


  • Expediting healthcare to those that are in need, but cannot afford coverage; often preventing serious and consequential problems later

  • Tracking the statistics associated with the voluntary healthcare providers to assist in balancing workloads and to seek additional facilities, doctors, etc. if needed

  • Saving lives by lifting the health of members in the local community where the benefits are quickly apparent and most effective

“This new system created in cooperation with B2B Technologies lets us help more people without increasing staff.” 

- Tom Underwood, Executive Director