Distributing Content Entry
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Distributing Content Entry

​Customer: Morrison Management Specialists
Industry: Food Services


  • Provide an easy to use application for entering data based on permissions

  • Build the application on an existing Access database without any modifications to the database

  • Rollout needed to be coordinated with the deployment of the new Morrison Management Specialist’s intranet

Keys to Success:

  • Customer involvement in reviewing of the input screens

  • Project team members had specific functionally areas which allowed them to become experts in those areas


Although Morrison’s is a household name to generations of Americans, what many may not know is that the organization is responsible for supplying and managing food services for hundred’s of the nation’s health care and senior living organizations.

During a time when many organizations are wringing their hands over the current economic situation, the Food Services Group, part of Morrison’s Corporation, needed a new system to rapidly increase the communication of important client information between the field operations and the corporate offices. This system known internally as “eComm” (electronic communications), was developed by B2B Technologies providing a readily available way to update what may at times be critical information by using the round-the-clock accessibility of the Internet. The primary benefits were communication speed and accuracy. Instead of using the previous channels of email and telephone to relay information from the field, the Support Services Coordinators responsible for the accounts can immediately enter the information cut down on time and errors.

Because B2B Technologies had expertise in the Microsoft technologies currently used by Morrison’s and similar work performed for other major corporations, the company was selected for this project. “Working with Morrison was great” , said Frank Fuerst, President of B2B, “because it shows how even when the economy is not where we would want, progressive organizations can continue to invest to improve not only their business model, but their profitability as well.”


  • Reducing both the time and costs associated wtih updating information from the field, allowing better service for their clients regardless of where they may be located

  • Providing management timely reports of how clients are being serviced and allowing for quick response to situations that do not meet their high standards of operation

  • Giving people 24 hour access to information entry and review by all stakeholders, which is of the utmost importance when servicing healthcare-related organizations