The Great Debate: Office 365 vs. Google Apps and more
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The Great Debate: Office 365 vs. Google Apps and more

n This Issue:

• The Great Debate:
Office 365 vs. Google Apps................

• Tablet Review for SharePoint Online:
See how SharePoint Online performs on a tablet................................................

• Update to Office 365 mail:
Mandatory update to improve performance and reliability.....................................

• Windows Intune:
Manage PCs and mobile devices with ease................................................. 4

It's All About the Cloud
As cloud-computing is becoming more and more common, companies of all sizes are seeing the benefits and jumping on board.  The ability to collaborate and communicate on the go is one of the most alluring features as well as the availability of data and the need for less hardware investments.  With the cloud trend came a new idea of "Bring your own device" or BYOD.  Now employees expect to be able to use their personal devices for work-related business without missing a beat. In this newsletter, we have articles that discuss these topics and more. It is our goal to provide you with insights and information to help further your knowledge of cloud-based solutions.  We also have a mandatory update from Microsoft that all current Office 365 customers need to know about, so be sure to check it out!    

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The Great Debate:
Office 365 vs. Google Apps
The Office 365 vs. Google Apps battle to be the go-to cloud-based business productivity solution has been a fierce one.  If you are considering one or both of these solutions, it is important to know both solutions and their pros and cons before making a decision.  Hear from one of our own as she recounts her experiences with both Office 365 and Google Apps. Read more...

Tablet Review for SharePoint Online:
Learn how SharePoint Online performs on a tablet
SharePoint Online is a powerful component of Microsoft's Office 365 cloud offering and more companies are migrating their enterprise content management system to the cloud. Another corporate trend is the introduction of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), with tablets as the most commonly chosen mobile productivity device in the workplace. At the intersection of these two trends is a common question, "How will SharePoint Online work on my tablet?" Read more...

Upgrade to Office 365 Mail:
Mandatory update to improve performance and reliability
All current Office 365 users should have received communications from Microsoft about the update to MX records in Office 365. Each custom domain will be required to have a unique Mail Exchange (MX) record value instead of the current generic value for the "points to address." All generic MX records will be deprecated on January 1, 2013.  If you are an Office 365 user and did not receive this notice from Microsoft or have further questions, please let us know

Windows Intune:
Manage PCs and mobile devices with ease
The idea of BYOD or "Bring Your Own Device" is hitting the workplace and businesses are now faced with the challenge of supporting these devices while maintaining a secure environment.  Windows Intune is Microsoft's integrated, cloud-based client management solution that provides tools to keep the devices in your organization up-to-date as well as upgrade rights to latest version of Windows.  Whether your employees are using PCs, mobile devices or both, you won't have to worry about compromising the security of important company data. Read more...

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