Edu Tech News - May 2012
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Edu Tech News - May 2012

In This Issue:

• 6 Tips for Marketing Your SharePoint Site:
Gain support and get everyone on board..........................................

• Re-Facing Your
SharePoint Site:

The Roslyn Experience..................

• Getting Started with SharePoint:
Watch these Microsoft SharePoint
training videos and become an
expert in no time...........................

Education & Technology
Coming up with technology solutions for your education institution can be an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process.  Deciding which platform is right takes a lot of time, effort and money.  Once you do make that decision and eventually have the finished product ready for public use, it can be even more difficult to gain adoption from your students, faculty and staff.  It is important to have a plan for both implementation and adoption from the start.  In this newsletter, you will find articles that provide insight into what other institutions like yours are doing as well as walk you through the steps to gain adoption of new technologies at your institution.  At B2B Technologies, we believe in the power of solid technology solutions and we strive to help education institutions like yours realize how that power can lead to success.

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6 Tips for Marketing Your SharePoint Site:
Gain support and get everyone on board
The launch of a new portal is an exciting time for an organization with hopes of fast adoption for your user base, whether you are focusing on students, faculty, staff or community relations.  From our experience, the implementation group is usually the most passionate about this new technology offered and it can be difficult to spread that enthusiasm to the end users. Read more...

Re-facing Your SharePoint Site:
The Roslyn Experience 
We've shared the story of Roslyn's new SharePoint site with you before, but this past week we had the chance to work with Microsoft and present a webinar on the topic.  We were joined by Roslyn Public Schools' Superintendent, Dr. Daniel Brenner, their Chief Technology Officer, Jason Lopez and their Director of Community Relations, Barry Edelson.  The three representatives from Roslyn discussed the needs they had to develop a public facing site Read more...

Getting Started with SharePoint:
Watch these Microsoft SharePoint training videos and become an expert in no time

SharePoint is such a large and robust program, it can sometimes be intimidating to know where to start.  Microsoft has put together a list of helpful videos that teach you the basics of using SharePoint 2010.  You will learn how to find your way around in SharePoint, how to use the ribbon, how to create a blog and much more.  For a complete list of videos, click here.

RSVP Buttongreen.png Join us for a FREE webinar:
Simplify PC management with a cloud-based solution
Want a more efficient solution to manage computer labs throughout campus, keep up with faculty PC help requests and deploy soft on an institutional level?  Join us as we discuss how Windows Intune, Microsoft's cloud-based PC management solution, enables you to do all of these tasks and more from a single console.

Give us your feedback
We've hosted two webinars this year demonstrating how education institutions are using SharePoint in different ways: using SharePoint as a course catalog for the University of Florida and how to brand an external site for Roslyn Public Schools. Are there any other topics you would be interested in hearing about?  Please take a moment to contact us and let us know what interests you. 

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