B2B Tech News: Why Cloud Solutions Work for Any Organization
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B2B Tech News: Why Cloud Solutions Work for Any Organization

As IT moves towards more flexible and scalable cloud solutions, it is important to understand how these solutions are changing the way we use technology in both our personal and professional lives. In this issue of B2B Tech News, we cover how both commercial and education organizations can make cloud solutions work for their specific processes and goals.  We also have some great webinar information, so please be sure to check that out as well!

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FEATURE POST: Office 365 Geographical Redundancy for Enterprise Customers

The Microsoft Office 365 cloud offering has a well-known value proposition for small and mid-sized firms, but there’s a compelling value proposition for enterprise firms as well. Office 365 provides improved access to information at a lower cost compared to software hosted in an enterprise firm’s datacenter.  This is accomplished through the geo-redundancy of Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services.

Global Foundation Services is the platform for running all 200 Microsoft cloud services, such as Office 365, Azure, Bing, Hotmail, and X-Box Live.  Microsoft datacenters have been deployed to over 30 points of presence globally on 5 continents.  The backbone for the Global Foundation Services is a global network, established by partnering with over 1800 ISP’s worldwide to provide one of the top three most connected networks in the world.

Enterprise firms need real-time communication and collaboration with their worldwide employees, partners, and customers.  However, all too often we see the scenario where an employee in Michigan shares a document with an employee in Rio de Janeiro by uploading the document to a datacenter in Chicago.  The employee in Rio de Janeiro must access the datacenter all the way in Chicago to read the document; this can be a frustrating or unreliable user experience due to issues with network latency and availability.

Office 365 offers a better solution by replicating customer data across datacenters worldwide – multiple copies of data are stored in multiple locations.  This means that the employee in Rio de Janeiro needs to reach a datacenter only as far away as Sao Paulo to open the document. While it’s true that some enterprise firms build real-time content replication between their own datacenters worldwide, this is an expensive undertaking that cannot compete with Office 365 licensing costs.

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Education News
  Developing a Cloud- Based Quiz App
Given our strong relationship with school systems and educators, B2B Technologies wanted to create an application which would aid teachers in managing the development, distribution and analysis of quizzes.  Read More...

Classroom Connect: The new way to use SharePoint Online

Date: Tuesday, June 4th
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 P.M. EDT

This webinar will cover the uses of SharePoint Online in the classroom.  Our product expert will demonstrate why this key piece of the Office 365 suite can be such a valuable tool in a learning environment. 
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Commercial News
Governance & Compliance in the Digital Age Webinar [Recording]

We teamed up with our partner AvePoint to discuss the compliance and governance issues we're currently seeing and to give guidance and highlight solutions that will help your Compliance Officer sleep better at night.

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