Early Tech Adopter Challenges? We've Got Some Tips for You!
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Early Tech Adopter Challenges? We've Got Some Tips for You!


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​​We hope that your 2015 is going well! It's been a while since we have sent out any company updates, but we hope y​our 2014 went out with a bang and you were happy to rin​g in the new year. Lately, our team has b​een focused on sharing their IT knowledge by posting a host of educational blogs about different topics ranging from security & mobility to cloud productivity. Also, with 2015 well under way now, we want to keep you up-to-date with the latest Microsoft news, so be sure to check out what's going on in the IT world in this edition of our newsletter. 

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B2B Technologies​

Challenges of Being an Early Adopter

B2B has a lot of experience in being the early adopter of all things Microsoft, and we also know about the many challenges that come with this territory. In our three-part blog series on "Challenges of Being an Early Adopter", we discuss our experience in being pioneers of the Office 365 and SharePoint App model and the challenges it presented throughout the process. There were a few major hosting caveats we had to work through before finding the best solution.

Through this series, we lead you through our initial stages of introduction to the App model and how we learned about it.  We discuss some of the challenges presented to us along the way and, finally, offer different solutions that could be used to solve our hosting problems. Get the full story in the links below...

Pt. 1 Challenges of Being an Early Adopter: The App Model
Pt. 2 Challenges of Being an Early Adopter: Hosting Issues
 Pt. 3 Challenges of Being an Early Adopter: The Solutions

What's the Latest with Microsoft?

Encryption with you on-the-go...
Recently, Microsoft released Off​​​​ice for Android, and with it came updated security features. No more waiting until you get home or back to the office to read all of the highly-secure, encrypted messages you receive, because no​w they can be accessed on your mobile device. Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer Office 365 Message Encryption viewer apps so you can view encrypted messages from your mobile devices. Check out more of Microsoft's security and encryption updates here! Watch the video below for more on Office 365 Encryption!

• Office 365 Encryption Video •

A Special Microsoft Azure Offering!
Microsoft's new Azure Usage Offer allows you to convert your Software Assurance Deployment Planning Services days into funding that will help you deploy your key Azure projects and workloads. This offer ends on June 30th, 2015, so be sure to take advantage of this before it's too late! If this is something you're ready to jump on or just want to learn more about, please contact Lisa Lewis at, llewis@b2btech.com.