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  • EMS: What It Is AND Why You Need It - Part 3
    04 March 2015
    9:48 AM

    Category:Cloud Services; Enterprise Mobility Suite
    Post By:Jennifer Bluemling

    ​We’re rounding out this three part series on the Enterprise Mobility Suite by covering the last part: Azure Active Directory Premium. Last week, we wrote about Azure Rights Management​ and the first entry covered Windows Intune​. So far, we’ve learned about updating multi-device platforms, keeping them secure and keeping company confidential data in the hands they belong to. But, what about keeping your employees working quickly and securely without a bunch of extra login credentials to deal with? Or how about keeping them secure with multi-point authorization and not bogging down the IT team for resetting passwords?​


    That’s Where Azure AD Premium Comes In

    If your information workers are anything like ours they probably have an average of ten business apps they login to on a daily basis. Each requires a separate password, each is most likely forgotten or the “remember my password” options is chosen (not very safe) or even worse… they keep a passw0rd file on their computer somewhere. Yikes! It’s no wonder that the rise of single-sign options have taken over the Identity Management world. This is the same problem that several consumer-based apps face, hence their reason for implementing the “Sign on with Facebook” option so that people don’t have to remember passwords. You can think of Azure AD Premium as the “Facebook Sign On” power for all of your apps with the encryption and enterprise level security added in. 

    ​Another immensely popular feature of Azure AD Premium is the ability for employees to reset their own passwords when they absolutely have to. We hear all of the time how our client’s IT teams spend a large part of their resources just responding to reset requests. With the multi-touch authentication process, an employee can now do this with a simple online interface that sends them a text to the authorized company cell phone with a special code to enter. It’s that easy! Now, think about all the other projects your IT team could work on with those resources back. 

    Additional Benefits of Azure AD Premium Include: 
    • Group-based provisioning and single sign on for over 1000 SaaS apps
    • Machine learning-driven security reports for visibility and threat management
    •​ Robust sync capabilities across cloud and on-premises directories

    ​For more information on the rest of these features, or to discuss the Enterprise Mobility Suite, please contact us! You can also visit our EMS page​ for further details.

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