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  • EMS: What It Is AND Why You Need It - Part 2
    25 February 2015
    12:05 PM

    Category:Cloud Services; Enterprise Mobility Suite
    Post By:Jennifer Bluemling

    ​As we mentioned last week, we’re on a roll with this series covering the Enterprise Mobility Suite. In our previous entry, EMS: What It Is AND Why You Need It - Part 1, we went over the benefits of Windows Intune, this week we will cover Azure Rights Management, one of the leading solutions in protecting company sensitive data without the hassle of training every employee to be a security & compliance officer, because we all know that won’t happen. 

    So, what exactly is Azure Rights Management? 

    Every company is Internet connected these days to give their employees access to cloud-based resources, email, research tools and collaboration hubs. Given that so much information is shared within your organization and outside of it with key partners, it is vital to make sure that data only stays in the circles it needs to. For example, it’s not uncommon for workers to save documents to their personal Drop Boxes (eek, yes it’s true) and then work on those when they get home. What happens to the control your organization is looking for in that instance? Once it crosses into another environment, it is nearly impossible to protect against outside influences or accidentally share it with the wrong individual.


    In comparison, Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) can protect your company’s sensitive information in all these scenarios. It uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure your files and email, and it works across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs. Information can be protected both within your organization and outside your organization because that protection remains with the data, even when it leaves your organization’s boundaries. As an example, employees might email a document to a partner company, or they save a document to their cloud drive. The persistent protection that Azure RMS provides not only helps to secure your company data, but might also be legally mandated for compliance, legal discovery requirements, or simply good information management practices. 

    Of course, we couldn’t leave you hanging from last week’s video of our favorite EMS characters. So, who’s ready for some hamster burritos? Er, hamsters and burritos?


    ​Interested in a Free Trial of EMS? Check out our Enterprise Mobility Page​ to get started. We’ll continue our next post on EMS with Azure AD Premium next week. 

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