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  • EMS Part 1: What It Is AND Why You Need It.
    18 February 2015
    10:45 AM

    Category:Cloud Services; Enterprise Mobility Suite
    Post By:Jennifer Bluemling

    ​We'd like to introduce you to the new collection of services from Microsoft to offer mobile security, cloud-based identity management and rights management, known as the Enterprise Mobility Suite. Previously, the three SKUs were independently purchased with Windows Intune, Azure AD Premium and Azure Rights Management. The cost of all three as been reduced, along with the combination into one license purchase which compliments the rising theme of One Microsoft. Now that you know what it encompasses, let's take a dive into why you need it for your organization.​

    Let's start with Windows Intune.

    We've discussed Intune before​, but it never hurts to recap and give some fresh insights on this particular SaaS product. Given the many capabilities it offers on Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Multi-Device Management, we'd like to highlight on the following features as key take away points:

    • - Deliver mobile device and application management across popular platforms: Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, and Android

    • - ​Maximize productivity with Intune-managed Office mobile apps

    • - Extend mobile application management to line-of-business apps with the Intune app wrapper

    • - Provide access to corporate resources on devices based upon enrollment and compliance policies

    • - Simplify administration via a single management console in the cloud with Intune or on-premises through integration with System Center 2012 Configuration Manager

    ​Now, before we get into the business scenarios, let's enjoy this fantastically amusing video on Windows Intune. Pubs & Pints, anyone?

    Be honest, haven't you been tempted to finish a report off with a nice pint? We certainly have. For the business user, Intune translates to a reduction in risk by avoiding data breaches if the devices are lost. Why? Because it allows the IT team to remote swipe the device and keep all company data securely away from unknown audiences.

    ​Intune also means that certain apps are only in the hands of employees who need them. Why? Because IT has the means to control who gets access to higher cost applications, inside or outside the Microsoft wheel house. Power BI or Adobe Creative Suite? No problem.

    This solution means a more efficient IT team as well. Ever get caught in the trap of needing to upgrade a system or reset a password, but the IT team is bogged down with a task list they'll never see the end of? With a simplified admin console and self-service password reset, that same IT team can become the heroes of your corporation they've always dreamed of. They want to tackle other projects for you, like setting up a robust ERP system, developing first in-class BI solutions and more. Give them that freedom.

    Interested in a Free Trial of EMS? Check out our Enterprise Mobility Page to get started. We'll continue our next post on EMS with Azure Rights Management next week. ​

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