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  • Getting Started with Azure
    11 February 2015
    9:48 AM

    Category:Cloud Services; Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    ​Now that you’ve made the transition to Office 365 - what’s next? Or maybe you haven’t made that jump yet, but want to explore ways to make use of cloud computing in your company. IT organizations are finding that using Azure as their platform for creating Development and Test environments is one of the simplest and most cost-effective initial use cases for Azure. 

    IT Challenges in Dev/Test environments
    The biggest challenge IT faces in supporting Dev/Test environments is that demand for server, database and network resources is constantly changing during the course of development projects. Building the hardware infrastructure needed to fully support the entire SDLC requires sizing the environment to handle the peak loads of the project, including the volume simulation testing necessary to ensure a system is production ready. 

    Azure Infrastructure as a Service 
    Azure gives your development team direct administrative control over the complete development environment – servers, databases, and network resources. They can create and configure the resources at the precise times and with the exact specifications needed, and then decommission them when they are finished. You pay for your actual usage, no more, no less. Further, when a developed project is fully tested and ready to roll into staging or production, you can easily redeploy your VMs to your own hardware or leave in Azure. 

    The Full Power of an on-demand Virtual Data Center with Azure
    In addition to Infrastructure, the full Azure suite also includes Platform as a Service capabilities, giving your team access to already configured Windows OS and SQL Server VMs. 

    Want to learn more?
    Dev/Test is just one of many use cases that can be supported with Azure. Are you planning for Windows 2003 end-of-life? Think Azure. Do you have back-up and restore DR needs? Think Azure. Do you still need your own installed version of SharePoint, but also want a cloud solution? Think Azure. Do you need failover protection for your Domain Controllers or ADFS? Think Azure.

    Give us a call if you’d like to learn more. You may qualify for a half or full-day free Assessment of your current environment and a roadmap of potential uses of cloud computing in your business.

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