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  • The Challenges of Being an Early Adopter: Part 2
    29 January 2015
    8:53 AM

    Category:Application Development; Infrastructure and Messaging; Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    ​In our previous entry for this series​, we introduced the Quiz App and our background in developing Office 365 and SharePoint apps. When Microsoft released their latest app model, we jumped at the chance to learn everything we could about it. Following the implementation of the app, we soon realized there were caveats to the hosting side, which you will find below.

    The Hosting Issues​
    The Quiz App does not access any SharePoint lists and only uses the SharePoint user’s identity. Since the application has been written using .NET MVC and uses server code, the app cannot be hosted by SharePoint.  A provider-hosted or self-hosted architecture would allow us to retain much of the existing code and database schema.  This means that the application web and database need to be hosted by B2B or a B2B Azure (or other cloud) environment.​

    As we all know, apps for SharePoint extend the capabilities of a SharePoint website which are in-part self-contained, fully immersive web applications.  When this new model was released, Microsoft included an Auto-Hosted option in which SharePoint would take care of provisioning any resources required to run the app, included the App Web and SQL Database, if needed.

    Microsoft has subsequently removed Auto-Hosting as a hosting option. As a result, any Apps built using auto-hosting will need to be converted to use another hosting alternative.

    SPHostedPic.png   ProviderHosted.png

    ​• In the current releases of SharePoint, Apps are used to extend SharePoint in the most fundamental ways, such as adding lists and libraries.

    • The lowest overhead and complexity in building new SharePoint Apps would be using SharePoint-Hosting, custom lists, HTML5, and client access technology.​

    • Azure is the logical cloud environment to use to develop and deploy a custom SharePoint Hybrid App.

    • Registering your app in the Seller Dashboard will enable you to design your app with a multitenant architecture without requiring individual administrator registration.

    Don't miss the last part of the series next week on, The Challenges of Being an Early Adopter: Part 3 - The Choices!

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