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  • SharePoint Collaboration with Yammer Group Feedback!
    14 January 2015
    10:18 AM

    Category:Portals and Collaboration; Cloud Services; Infrastructure and Messaging
    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    Recently, I was talking to a friend from Microsoft and he told me I should look into Yammer Document Conversations. He thought they could be really useful for a Knowledgebase I am putting together.


    After doing some digging, I found that Microsoft has added Document Conversations to Office Web Apps to further integrate Yammer and Office 365.

    The first thing I noticed is that I didn’t have the small Yammer icon on the right portion of my screen. I checked and verified that Yammer was my social tools of choice by navigating to Admin >>> SharePoint >>> Settings

     Enterprise Social.png

    I met all the requirements but still no conversations. I submitted a ticket to Microsoft and they fixed an issue that was impacting my tenant.

    Once that was fixed, I had the Yammer Icon that I was searching for before…


    At that point, I was able to navigate to Yammer and see the same conversation in my SharePoint 2013 Yammer Group. I’d advise creating a group prior to starting the conversation to give the conversation context.

    In the screen shot below I’ve hovered over the document to show the options.


    If you click on “Go to Page” you are brought to the page dedicated to this document conversation.

    Yammer 5 Pic.png

    To me, this is a great way to step up document collaboration and we will be using this as often as it makes sense.​



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