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  • B2B Technologies has Officially Moved to the Sweetwater Design District and We Love it!
    27 August 2014
    2:53 PM

    Category:B2B Tech News
    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    ​​​outdoorlogo(600).jpgWe have be​en talking about this move for what seems like years now, and we can finally say we are so excited to be in our new office. There is still a lot to be done - finish unpacking boxes, settling in to our personal spaces and some of us are still getting acclimated to the new drive into work. Not only do we have a lot left to do, but there is still construction going on all around us. We are the first company in this new building but all other office spaces are not yet complete. In fact, there are still final touches being done within our office right now. indoorlogo(300x225).pngDespite the remaining chaos and noise, we are more than thrilled to be here and happy to call 225 Ottley Drive our home for many years to come.

    The move occurred on Friday, August 22nd, and we have been officially occupying the office as of Monday, August 25, 2014.  The office is more than what most of us ever envisioned - with extra office space, storage space, a large upgraded kitchen, multiple conference rooms, a complete work/copy area, skylights, and vintage décor with accent walls that align with our company branding.  

    new office kitchen(300x225).jpgThe extra office space allows for company growth as it was obvious we were quickly outgrowing our last office at 1776 Peachtree Street. The full kitchen and large conference rooms will allow us to host our own marketing events, future prospects, current customers and company happy hours without the worry of having adequate space. With the recent rebranding of B2B Technologies including: a new logo, fresh color scheme, new website, and the launch of our Fresh Face Campaign – the move couldn't have come at a better time giving us the ability to customize our office layout and décor based on our renewed brand and vision. copyarea(200x267).pngAlso, with the seasons changing and autumn quickly approaching, we are excited about the outdoor eating space and private patio we can utilize on cool, fall days when the weather permits. All-in-all, the space is conducive to growth, future company goals and set in a prime, Atlanta location ready for renovation and rebuilding.  

    largeconf(200x274).pngParkside Partners did an excellent job in providing an office with a modern, edgy feel but offering the sophistication of a professional, technology company. We are very pleased with the work Parkside Partners and it​s affiliates put into this office and can't wait to see the completed project once the other offices and common areas are finally finished. 

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