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  • Tis the Season to Give Back
    13 December 2013
    11:04 AM

    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    B2B Technologies 2nd Annual Holiday Donation Program

    We are excited to announce the launch of our Annual Holiday Donation Campaign where B2B looks for ways to give back to our community during the holiday season.  Last year was the first time we challenged ourselves, customers and partners with this campaign and we were excited about the results.  

    Most companies send holiday cards to their customers and partners during this time, but we know that most cards and gifts often get tossed to the side, thrown out after the holiday season or hidden under a stack of papers and never opened; therefore, we decided to take the allocated funds for the printing and sending of cards and direct it towards a greater cause.   Each year we choose a couple of non-profit organizations we are passionate about and support them during the holiday season.  We then send out an email to our customers and partners asking them to vote on who they would like us to donate our funds to.  Every vote equals $1 towards that non-profit for a total of $1,000.  Last year we were so inundated with responses that we were able to donate the entire amount allocated for this program. We feel strongly about our gift to the community and we're happy our partners and customers feel the same way.

    The two non-profits we chose this year are, Agape and Project GRAD.  Each of these organizations are located within the Atlanta area and are ones we feel we can impact and are passionate about. Project GRAD Atlanta is a non-profit that works with the Atlanta School System identifying inner-city schools with low graduation rates.  They identify issues within the school and then develop and implement programs to teach and motivate students to graduate high school.  Project GRAD not only focuses on educational programs but also gives students access to behavioral services, social services and college access not typically available for certain economically-disadvantaged communities.  Project GRAD Atlanta began in 2000 and is a part of 13 other Project GRAD programs nationwide.

    Our second non-profit organization this year is Agape Atlanta.  Agape Atlanta offers programs and services to underserved families and individuals allowing them to grow to their full potential.  Agape Atlanta offers programs to students of any age, individuals with disabilities, adults, and senior-citizens.  They focus their services on high-crime, low-income areas where teen pregnancy is high, unsupervised adolescents are more likely to get in trouble, and overall education is low.  Services like afterschool programs, family education classes, early reading programs, and daytime programs for seniors and disabled adults, all work in conjunction with Agape's mission to help individuals grow.

    We are excited about this program and the impact B2B Technologies, along with its customers and partners, can have on these organizations and our surrounding community. We are confident that everyone involved will share abundantly in our willingness to give back this holiday season. In order to participate, you can vote by clicking here.  

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