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  • Developing a Cloud-Based Quiz Portal for Educators and Students
    13 May 2013
    11:47 AM

    Category:Application Development; Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:AvePointSA


    With a strong relationship with school systems and educators, B2B Technologies wanted to create an application which would aid teachers to manage the development, distribution and analysis of quizzes. As a major player in migrating schools to Office 365, the logical route was to use the new App Architecture of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365. 



    • - Teachers spend a lot of time building, distributing and scoring quizzes

    • - It is time consuming to analyze class quiz results to determine areas for improvement

    • - Difficult and time consuming to analyze questions to determine their efficacy

    Contributing Factors

    • - Computers and other Wi-Fi devices are now readily used in classes

    • - Most households have a computer or other access to the internet

    • - Microsoft releasing new architecture for building secure apps for SharePoint hosted in the cloud

    • - Microsoft offers discounts and other incentives to Academic Institutions to use Office 365

    • - More schools are using Office 365 as a teaching portal

    • - Microsoft is relying on B2B Technologies to assist with Office 365 migrations

    • - Schools are also using Office 365 to manage student email accounts

    Keys to Success

    • - App integration with Office 365

    • - Utilizing new Office 365 Auto-hosting architecture

    • - Creating a Quiz app that anyone can understand and use with virtually no training


    The App

    B2B Technologies evaluated the different software API’s and hosting options available for SharePoint Apps. To leverage their experience with server side coding and the requirement of creating a SQL Server database for the application, MVC or Model View Controller was the API that was chosen. Since the application website was running server code, this required the website and database to be Provider-Hosted. The new O365 feature of Auto-Hosted applications which automatically provision a new Website and Database with each app installation was selected the hosting option due to its ease of use and administration.

    After designing a database which would support the required functionality, they built the screens which would be used by teachers to create, schedule and review quiz results. A smaller set of screens would be available to students to locate and take an exam.

    The new SharePoint App infrastructure offers the option of designing a custom app to use the appearance and styling of the SharePoint host site, but B2B chose to use its own branding for the site.


    What B2B Quiz Maker offers the educator

    • - Build and manage quizzes

    • - Quiz site accessible from anywhere

    • - Manage classes and schedule quizzes

    • - Automated scoring

    • - View student results

    • - Analysis of question results


    What B2B Quiz Maker offers students

    • - View classes and quizzes

    • - Take quizzes and get instant results


    Managing Quizzes

    You begin by creating a quiz; giving it a name, introduction and passing score.  


    Screenshot of Create Quiz page 


    Screenshot showing the process of creating each question 

    Each quiz can have as many single or multiple-choice questions as you want. You assign points to each question and a passing score for the quiz. As students complete a quiz the system calculates their raw point score (total points for correct answers) and a percentage score. A student may only take a quiz one time.


    Screenshot of Manage Quizzes page

    Scheduling a Quiz

    You create a list of the class sections that you teach, then assign a quiz to one or more class sections. The quiz schedule includes a start and end date and quizzes will only appear for students between the starting and ending date. If you want to schedule a quiz to be available immediately - as, during a class period, you can create or edit the schedule for that quiz, setting the start date for the quiz to 'today'.

    Screenshot of page to schedule a quiz

    Taking a Quiz

    Students will select their class section to view available quizzes scheduled for their class. After they begin a quiz they can move forward or backward through the quiz questions and update their answers. When they have completed all questions they will be prompted to complete the quiz. At this point the quiz is scored and they will not be permitted to update any answers. Each quiz is identified by the student's internal SharePoint userId and their name (this is automatic, students cannot change their name).


    Screenshot of quiz question.  Note: Students will not be able to access the menu tabs.  

    Viewing Quiz Scores

    After students have completed a quiz you can view their scores and their responses to each individual question.


    Screenshot of Student Quiz Score


    Screenshot of breakdown of each question in the quiz and the student response 


    The B2B Quiz Maker is still a work in progress, but we are expecting to release it this coming fall.  If you have any questions about the app, the process, or would like to give feedback, please contact David Norris, our Education Specialist. 

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