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  • Top Three Value Features SharePoint 2013
    01 February 2013
    4:45 PM

    Category:Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:AvePointSA

    SharePoint 2013 is the fourth iteration of the product – with major releases coming about every three years – and has sold over 125 million licenses. The latest SharePoint release contains a wide range of functional enhancements that will bolster SharePoint's leadership position in the ECM market space. Here are the top 3 features of SharePoint 2013 that will allow customers to gain more value from their SharePoint investment:

    1. My Sites. Social Computing in the enterprise means connecting employees to share tacit knowledge that isn't stored in formal documentation. SharePoint My Sites are the cornerstone of this functionality, providing familiar, natural tools such as micro-blogging to populate employee's newsfeeds. Newsfeeds are a way for employees to seek out expertise within the enterprise and facilitate ad-hoc communication and knowledge sharing.

    2. Community Sites. In order to break down information silos within an organization, tacit knowledge can converted into explicit knowledge, essentially turning individual information into corporate information. Community Sites are a rich forum for information exchange that can be organized into categories. The forum contains familiar features such as moderators recognizing and rewarding top contributors, and content marked as "best answer."

    3. Search. Explicit knowledge is also stored as documents, spreadsheets, and slideshow presentations in SharePoint. The challenge has been to make a heap of semi-structured files relevant to users searching for information. SharePoint 2013 has improvements to the search that automatically discovery important words or phrases within documents that may match a data structure. Such as title, customer name, or product. A pre-populated company extraction dictionary is included with SharePoint, or a custom dictionary can be written. This will provide improved relevance in the search result rankings.

    Given that there are several other features launching with SharePoint 2013, we couldn't cover all of them here. If you'd like to have a discussion about your organization and how we can help you leverage these new features, discover what your company has not yet utilized, or are looking to implement a new system, please contact us: Paul Landt,



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