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  • We’re Finalists! – Client Advisor Awards 2013
    17 January 2013
    10:42 AM

    Post By:AvePointSA

    B2B Technologies is proud to announce that we are finalists in the Client Advisor Awards for the Midsize Professional Services Firm category! The Client Advisor Awards is an annual competition among services firms that calls attention to excellent customer service practices with a focus on innovation in technology for 2013.

    From the CAA site, "The Awards program defines a set of clear and measurable competencies that should be exhibited by both the Advisor and their Clients which yield success for both parties.  Awards are based on quantifying client advisor engagement results AND also how those results are achieved – on both sides of the table."

    As part of the selection process, both the Client and Advisor are interviewed on a particular project to determine eligibility. We chose to highlight a custom Content Management System and mobile app development that was created for Mohawk Industries. The website and app development process included several key features that were new to the Mohawk team and will enable them to keep their product information up to date. Mohawk has over 60,000 different products (SKUs) within the company's residential carpet, hardwood, tile and laminate lines. B2B Technologies created a specialized product management back office to update the product gallery database. Mohawk's new websites are fully optimized to fit all mobile devices and smart phones, while the custom app is now available in the Apple Store for download on the iPhone or iPad. The marketing team understood that their commercial users are often on-site and need to look up information on the go. This resulted in giving them the opportunity to pick products by flooring type, color, etc. and do on-site comparisons. Throughout the process, our goal was to make sure Mohawk received finished products that not only answered their technical needs, but helped them realize profitable growth and increased revenue.

    We look forward to the announcement of who will win the Client Advisor Award for 2013. If you would like to join us in anticipation at the awards ceremony, register here.

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