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  • Stay Connected Anywhere at Any time with SharePoint Online
    08 June 2012
    10:31 AM

    Category:Cloud Services; Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:AvePointSA

    ​Now more than ever, the need to collaborate and connect from anywhere at any time is crucial to business survival. What used to require servers and on-premise infrastructure can now be moved to the cloud; reducing IT department time and budget and providing greater availability of information. Microsoft's SharePoint Online is the cloud version of SharePoint server on-premise that gives businesses of all sizes the ability to create sites for collaboration and to access and share documents and information with colleagues and customers in a protected environment; no matter their location. The integration of SharePoint Online with familiar Office applications makes document creating, sharing and editing easy for any user. By utilizing the cloud and placing the burden of infrastructure operation and management on Microsoft, you get enterprise-level security and reliability while also freeing up your IT staff to focus on more important matters within your organization.

    One of the benefits of Microsoft's cloud solution is the flexibility of plans offered. No matter what your organization needs, Microsoft has a plan to accommodate. This flexibility provides you the option to subscribe to SharePoint Online only for a monthly fee, or to bundle it with other cloud tools in the Office 365 P, E and K plans. These options create a feeling of a custom solution for a small monthly fee.

    To see a detailed chart of the available SharePoint Plans, download this pdf

    If you are currently using SharePoint server on premise and want to continue to leverage that investment, you can still utilize SharePoint Online as a hybrid solution. This would allow you to determine which pieces of information would remain on-premise and which would be readily available in the cloud. SharePoint Online and Office 365 allow you to utilize your current investments while still benefiting from the freedom of the cloud.

    Although SharePoint Online functions much like the on-premise server version, there are some differences. For a comparison of the two options, check out this site from the Microsoft SharePoint resource center.

    If you have any additional questions about SharePoint Online or Office 365, please contact Patrick Hankey at

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