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  • The Basics of OneDrive
    01 April 2015
    10:26 AM

    Category:Cloud Services; Portals and Collaboration
    Post By:Chelsea Stephens

    So, tell me: have you ever been in a meeting with a potential customer only to realize the most important document you need is on your laptop back at the office?  Or, what about this: have you ever been doing work on your tablet while out of town and desperately needed a file that was inconveniently stored in one location on your PC at home? Well, we have good news for you (enter: Microsoft)! Microsoft understands your need for constant access to everything no matter where you are, that is why they have created OneDrive. Gone are the days of sending Excel files to your colleagues only to realize you left out an important piece of data. With OneDrive, now you can upload your documents to a shared folder, make edits in real-time and not worry about flooding their inbox with updated versions of the same document. At its core, OneDrive is simple yet critical to your business. Basically, it is a central location where you can store, edit, share, and access all of your files on any device from anywhere.

    What about security?

    One of the best features of OneDrive is that, not only are all of your documents secure within your organization, but you also have the ability to tweak and change those securities based on industry standards and other parameters defined by decision-makers and individual roles in your organization. As a leader in cloud security, you can trust that your documents are stored and secured according to some of the most sophisticated and rigorous standards.   

    Contributing & Collaborating

    As we said before, now all of your files can be stored in your OneDrive without ever having to worry about where they are located or making sure to email them to yourself before a big meeting. Along with anywhere-access, you can also create separate shared files for your colleagues, partners and customers, so they can have access no matter where they are. Because OneDrive is completely integrated with Office, it is easy to make changes to your documents, update the file in OneDrive and then share with your team. Worried that you and another team member will try to work on the same document at the same time? Fret no more, because with version control you can be sure that everyone is working on the most recent document and also view and revert to previous versions when necessary. When your document is finished and ready to be reviewed, it is easy to set up an approval process allowing only those with the right permissions to view and suggest changes. 

    New Features for the Future

    As with everything Microsoft does, IT and business gurus are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and add improvements to OneDrive. Some of the features already within sight are: new improvements to mobile apps for OneDrive, additional features to auditing and reporting on documents, a more comprehen​sive cross-platform sync support, and additional ways to prevent data loss and keep your most important files secure.​


    It’s easy for us to talk about how cool and life-changing OneDrive is since we use it every day, but why listen to us? Find out more for yourself on our OneDrive for Business page! Don’t forget, always Store. Share. Sync with OneDrive.  

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