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  • Windows Intune – What it is, What it Does and How it Decreases IT Costs
    04 June 2012
    9:21 AM

    Category:Infrastructure and Messaging
    Post By:AvePointSA

    ​Windows Intune, Microsoft's newest solution for remote PC management, is a cloud-based tool that allows your IT department to push software updates, track hardware and software inventory, detect and prevent malware attacks and upgrade to the newest version of Windows all from a single console.


    The ability to perform these tasks without having to access each PC individually is a huge time and cost saver for any organization; especially those that have offices in multiple locations. Instead of having to physically install new software onto each computer and visit that computer when there is an issue, IT departments can use Windows Intune to manage all of these tasks remotely. And for those organizations looking to upgrade to Windows 7, and eventually Windows 8 when it is released, Intune provides upgrade rights to all future versions of Windows at no extra cost.

    In order to promote awareness and education around Windows Intune, B2B teamed up with Microsoft to host a webinar to give an overview of Intune as well as a live demo. If you would like to check out the recording of the webinar, you can find it on our YouTube channel here.

    For more information on Windows Intune or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit

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