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​With marketing becoming a highly visible department within corporate firms, the need for a dedicated IT partner has never been more important than it is today. We have found that the goals of most marketing departments can be facilitated by implementing a few key solutions from Microsoft; including an intranet portal such as SharePoint, automation workflows, permissions based viewing and project sites for document tracking. In order to tackle the astounding work levels associated with advertising, PR and web-based projects, it's time to see what solutions B2B Technologies can offer to increase your department's productivity and ultimately help drive revenues for your firm.

Solution Features
  • Implement a complete Content Management System
  • Manage all types of content from images and video to print collateral
  • Automate simple or complex workflows to manage document tracking
  • Create a portal to communicate marketing objectives with different business units
  • Implement an analytics dashboard with key KPIs for revenue tracking
  • Manage your end user's experience from one platform

IT Partnership for Success

B2B Technologies has worked with several marketing departments from creating a Content Management System (CMS) on SharePoint to starting up new shopping sites, incorporating a database with thousands of SKUs for inventory control and handling digital asset management. Our goal is to implement the best use technology for your department that will result in high adoption rates and better productivity in order to see your firm flourish.


Microsoft and partner-led enterprise content management solutions help by integrating the applications and tools already familiar to users. Built on the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools, these solutions are easily integrated into an organization's workflow and readily adopted by users as part of their daily activities. This results in less training time for users, a reduced burden on implementers and a system that is extensible and flexible enough to accommodate future content and media types, retention and storage requirements and compliance, legal and audit requirements.


B2B Technologies can help you reach productivity goals for your department with a migration to the cloud so that all materials needed can be accessed anywhere at anytime using SharePoint Online and Office 365.We will also work as a liaison between your department and IT to make sure that all work completed falls within corporate standards and allows you and your team to focus on running a smooth department.


Take a moment to imagine the perfect marketing portal and automation process for your organization, map it out and then realize that it is achievable with the help of a partner like B2B Technologies. For more information, please contact us.