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Finance Department Solutions
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Are you looking for a solution that not only stores your organizations' financial data but also has tools that give you true business intelligence for decision making? B2B Technologies can help you implement a single portal that will pull together financial data from across your organization into one visible dashboard for budgetary metrics and analysis. See how we can help you and your finance department improve and streamline processes in order to concentrate on management and company growth.

Solution Features
  • Implement a Portal for Finance document management
  • Create a user friendly interface
  • Automate simple or complex workflows
  • Manage all types of files: Excel, Word, PDF, etc.
  • Implement Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Give permissions-based editing abilities

Let IT Empower Your Finance Department

Finance departments can require a vast amount of storage for budgetary records, raw data, analysis charts and much more. Wouldn't it be nice to have all of this stored within one manageable program that provides insight and visibility at any time from anywhere in the world? Further, imagine having the ability to give viewing, editing, or content creation capabilities through varied levels of responsibility so you can control the security of the documents in your department. B2B Technologies can work with you to create a powerful financial management portal that will drive productivity to new heights for your organization.


One of Microsoft's solutions for Finance Departments is found with the versatile and powerful tools of SharePoint and Office 365. With your employee's work documents stored in a structured, easily retreivable manner, you can concentrate on making informed decisions for your organization instead of tracking down documents and resources.


B2B Technologies can help you reach productivity goals for your department with an implementation of SharePoint or Office 365. We will begin with an Envisioning, Planning and Design phase to see how your department works and what processes can be improved with the correct technology tools. We will also work as a liaison between Finance and IT for your organization to make sure all projects are within corporate compliance.


Take a moment to imagine the perfect Finance portal and automation process for your organization, map it out and then realize that it is achievable with the help of a partner like B2B Technologies. For more information, please contact us.