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SharePoint Online

​​​​​​Collaborate in Real Time

SharePoint Online is a fantastic resource for small and mid-sized companies looking for an enterprise level of collaboration software. You may think that larger organizations need a more robust solution, but the fact remains that they utlilize document storage, version control, business-based social media communications and a need to work, anywhere at anytime, just like any other business. With the ability for SharePoint Online to give the same integrity and user exprience across the board, the decision to implement this solution really just comes down to licensing. Instead of having to scale up your system when you need more storage or users, it’s Microsoft’s job to make sure that happens and to keep it up and running. In terms of storage, Microsoft allows individual site collections to hold a terabyte of information, and the variety of licensing options available helps large enterprises to control costs.


​5 Good Reasons to Leverage SharePoint Online

SharePoint​ Online has a wide array of features and benefits to using it in your organization. Below are the top ones we wanted to share with you. If you have more questions, just reach out and contact us!

Add mobility without foresaking security:  Even though SharePoint is an online cloud based SaaS product, you don't need to worry about the security with the ability to keep your information behind a VPN, without having to create additional infrastructure for authentication.

​​Hybrid deployments:  Some organizations choose a hybrid approach due to highly customized security or workflow needs. This can be a great way to push extra storage to the cloud or utilize the full strength of SharePoint on-prem with a  lowered overall cost and flexibility that you need.

​​Outsourcing everyday IT tasks:  SharePoint Online takes over some of the backup and recovery duties that your IT team may get bogged down with in a strict on-prem environment. Once you've signed the SLA, these problems become Microsoft's - not yours.

​​Cost control:  Many organizations, big or small, want to bring collaboration solutions and functions to a wider range of their workforce while reducing overall cost. Since this is a license-based tool, you only pay for the users and level of licenses that really need it. Give some users a limited license while giving others all the bells and whistles they need.

​​Schedule upgrades on your terms:  You have the ability to customize how and when your organizations receives updates and new features. All accessed from a cenral admin dashboard.