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Office 365 is Your Complete Office in the Cloud

At its heart​ is Office itself - ​the familiar Office applications businesses use everyday - now offered as a cloud service so it's always up to date. ​​But, Office 365 is also so much more. It's about bringing enterprise-grade services to organizations of all sizes, from online meetings to sharing documents to business-class email. For more detailed information on each of the services within Office 365, visit our page here​. Additionally, we've listed some recent blogs below with fantastic information to consider before migrating to a new system. You can also sign up for a risk-free, no-obligations, 30-day trial with 25 test users. Not a bad way to explore all that O365 has to offer!


Mail Migration: Where to Get Started​​​

​​Still doing research on the best practices for mail migration? This blog has plenty of advice on what to consider before making the move.​​

Free O365 Trial Banner.png​​​ ​ ​​ ​


Tips, Traps & Tricks of Migration to SharePoint Online​

​​Our experts have seen some of the most complex issues arise fom migrating data in legacy systems of on-premise versions of SharePoint. Check this entry out to learn from their past experiences.


M​igrating SharePoint to the Cloud: Office 365 Style​

​​There's more to a migraiton than just moving data over from a server to the cloud. You need to consider built-in applications, workflows and heirarchy in your system. Here's a great place to help figure out which path is right for your organization.


The Basics of OneDrive​

​​Looking for a secure, online storage platform your employees can use that's tied in with your Microsoft Office accounts? Have you taken a look at the power of OneDrive yet? This blog will answer all of your quesitons on how employees can safely manage documents, share them and control version sprawl with OneDrive for Business.


Office 365 Geographic Redundancy for Enterprise Customers​​

​​Many of our customers have multiple locations through the nation and world. With that in mind, Microsoft understands the need to create a cloud-based structure backed by datacenters all over the world for quick access. 

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